2008 – CANNES

Europa Forum

Date: October 2-4 2008

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Euro Africa Committee I and II

Thursday October 2nd, 2008 – 8,15/11,00 a.m.

Theatre Debussy

Ordine del Giorno

Punto 1

Chairperson PDG Roberto Fresia opened the session and welcomed all present, including the PIP Ashok Mehta, and Nicole Brown from LCIF.

Punto 2

The Chairperson of the session presented the board of the Committee that is sitting at the table: VP PCC Otto Brodholt (MD 104), Africa Coordinator PID Manoj Shah (MD 411), Africa members PDG Yemane Tebebe Berhan (MD 411) for English speaking countries, and PCC Alexis-Vincent Gomes (MD 403) for French speaking countries.

Punto 3

The minutes of the meeting held at the last Europa Forum in Bucharest were approved unanimously.

Punto 4

Brief address by PDG Elliot Shubert endorsed by MD 105

The request of PDG Elliot Shubert to be a member of the Euro-Africa Committee is adopted by the Committee.

Brief address by Lion Xavier de Franssu endorsed by MD 103 in substitution of Robert Haaser

The request of Lion Xavier de Franssu to be a member of the Euro-Africa Committee is adopted by the Committee.

Brief address by PCC Ione Giummo endorsed by MD 108

The request of PCC Ione Giummo to be a member of the Euro-Africa Committee is adopted by the Committee.

Punto 5

The request of Ajeet Gill to transfer from European member to African member of the Euro-Africa  Committee is adopted by the Committee.

Punto 6

PDG Roberto Fresia


  • The Internet Site was completed, now is interactive for the members of the Committee and for the Foundation, we have created a true bridge between Europe and Africa, so that the European Lions work with the African Lions in the spirit with which this Committee was founded;
  • Now it must be working for all the Lions of Europe and Africa;
  • The members of the Committee and the LCIF must operate with the Internet Site.
  • The new organization for the members of the Committee: the idea is to organize the European members like the African members are organized. Each European member will become responsible for a number of MD to promote the purpose of the committee and to research the activities that have been undertaken in these MDs for publication on the Internet Site and to promote the projects that will be approved by the committee;
  • All the Power-point presentations of this meeting will be on Internet Site in about 10 days.

Punto 7

PID Philippe Soustelle

The new communications instruments are in the hands of 50% of the young people. This is the new method for information in the future and we must work in this way.

Punto 8

Lion Albert Lachkar

He speaks about tuberculosis in Africa and what is possible for Lions to do.

Punto 9

PID Manoj Shah

He presents the project “Lions Outpatient Comprehensive HIV/Aids Clinic for Children” in Kenya. A comprehensive clinic comprising of :

  • Reception and registration room
  • Doctor clinic
  • Counseling room
  • Pharmacy

A laboratory:

  • Equipped with modern comprehensive testing lab equipment
  • Blood sample testing and instant reports are now done in-house

The complete presentation will be published on the Internet Site of the Committee.

Punto 10

Lion Xavier de Franssu

He speaks about the association “Amitié Villages”, its purpose and the results of the past years.


PCC Alexis-Vincent Gomes

Our association is the most important in the world, our services must be of the same importance.

Punto 12

PID Dr. Jan A. Holtet

He speaks about the international development which requires a different way of thinking. A sustainableapproach takes account of economic, social and environmental factors to produce projects andprograms which will have results based on available resources. The demand for sustainable solutions will imply new approaches:

  • Long time involvement
  • Continuity
  • Judicious selection of partners (e.g. involve local authorities)
  • MoUs/Agreements/Contracts that specify responsibilities and legal rights
  • Resource analysis (sustainable approach)
  • Plans to phase out and transfer responsibilities to local partners (also financial)

Sustainability should not only be considered in international development. It should be a guideline in the planning of all aid projects, also on a small scale.

Punto 13

PCC Federico Steinhaus

He speaks about the global project which is composed of many activities for a budget of 3.500.000 US$

MO Leo Paolo Pavese in substitution for PCC Giancarlo Vecchiati

He speaks about the project “Children in need, everyone at school”, primary education for all children, challenge to change the life of 50.000 children:

  • Access to primary education
  • Disease prevention
  • Action against hunger
  • Action against gender disparity
  • Access to safe water
  • Community development
  • Build 40 rural schools with : furniture and didactic materials, teachers houses, safe water wells, canteens.

Health promotion activities.

PDG Giuseppe Innocenti

He speaks about the project “Italian Lions against the Killer disease of childhood”. The project started two years ago and is operative in Burkina Faso with the construction of many water-wells and numerous voyages  of doctors. The service is sponsored by 327 Clubs with 12.500 members and has 110 Lions doctors that are ready to work for a period, each year, with children in Burkina Faso

MO Leo Paolo Pavese

Italian Leo has a project in cooperation with the service “Children in need, everyone at school”. They will build two schools, with two water-wells with the distribution of books.

Punto 14

Nobody of the District 111-BN was present to the meeting and the presentation was dropped.

Punto 15

PDG Gerarde Batel

He explains the new organization of “Medico” and explains their requirements for help.

Punto 16

Lion Antonio Suzzi in substitution for Lion Salvatore Trigona

He speaks about another way to do volunteer work: telemedicine from Africa to Italy. The presentation in Power-point will be published on the Internet Site of the Committee.

Punto 17

Lion Jean Gambarelli was not present to the meeting and the presentation was dropped.

Punto 18

a) PIP Ashok Mehta

Many Lions Clubs work in Africa but they don’t work with Lions Clubs of Africa. If we are Lions we must work with Lions. The association is in all parts of the world and Lions must learn to work with their Lion friends that are Lions in the same way in all parts of the world.

b) Lion Paul Deroubaix MD 103

He explains purpose of SOC International

c) Nicole Brown – Communication Manager of LCIF

He speaks about the role of LCIF and how is possible to have support from LCIF for the projects.

d) Member EAC PDG Tebebe Y. Behran

He speaks about the organization of the members of the Committee in Africa and what the Lions of Africa expect from Lions of Europe

e) IR Bent Jespersen MD 106

He presents the project “Eye Project in Burkina Faso”. A 5 year project in Burkina Faso, funding by Danish Lions Clubs Eye examinations, A-vitamins

Operations for cataract

Establishment of a permanent clinic for eye operations

f) CC Robert Rettby MD 102

He speaks about SODIS project and invites all the Lions to come to a meeting in the afternoon where SODIS will be explained in detail.

Punto 19

a) VP EAC PCC Otto Brodholt

He speaks about the spirit of the Euro Africa Committee like a moment of exchanging ideas and he hopes that the future Agenda of the Forum will be built on three or four subjects and not on so many different subjects like this time;

b) Lion Cesare Topino MD 108

We made to many services, we must reduce them and focalize our action only on three or four major ones;

c) Member EAC Elliott Shubert

We have many Funds that it is possible to obtain from the European Community that at this moment are spent in a very bad way, without any results. Lions must be a great partner for European Community;

d) IPIP Mahendra Amarasuryia – LCIF Chairperson

The Euro Africa Committee is essential to the functioning of all of the activities from Europe to Africa.

Like PIP Ashok Mehta asks all Lions of Europe to work with Lions of Africa and not with other Associations. The LCIF is ready to support projects from Europe to Africa;

e) PID Giovanni Rigone – Representative member of the Association to the Council of Europe

The Council of Europe is an important resource for Lions and it is possible to be use for what Elliott Shubert asked in his speech.

Punto 20

EAC Africa Coordinator PID Manoj Shah

He expresses the compliments to all the speakers for the presentations. 2 hours 45 minutes; that is a demonstration of how Lions of Europe are interested in Africa. A special thanks to the chairperson PDG Roberto Fresia, under his chair the Committee is each day more important and now the activities from Europe to Africa with the collaboration of Africa Lions are implemented so much more. This has become a moment for the exchange of ideas, experiences and new-found collaboration.