The Italian Center for the Lions Eyeglass Collection Used has accepted the invitation of the Lions of District 409 received by the Committee Euro – African

I had the pleasure of presenting to the Governor of District 409 Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo , Rwanda and Burundi ) Odette Kashikala Mazimba , on behalf of the Italian Center for the Lions Eyeglass Collection Pre-owned , 9,000 glasses used at the beginning of the month sent October in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Lions of District 409 had sent a request to the Vice President of the Euro African Lion Xavier de Franssu , which has the responsibility for the French-speaking countries , to have 12,000 pairs of glasses to be able to deploy in their district. The French Centre , unfortunately, was not available , and then the request is received to me as Chairman of the Committee , and I proceeded to turn it to our center and the Lions Spaniards.

The Italian Center Lions Eyeglass Collection Used immediately given the willingness to provide 9,000 pairs of glasses in the grades required by fellow Lions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the specificity of its use by the Congolese population. The equipment consisted of 6,300 glasses suitable for both presbyopia , both short-sighted , as well as an allocation of 2,700 sunglasses for men, women and even children .

The other 3,000 pairs of glasses were sent by the Spanish Centre .

Upon my arrival in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, at the headquarters of the Lions of District 409, in Kinshasa I proceeded to their delivery .

The Governor of District 409 has expressed sincere thanks to the Italian Centre and Lions Lions for allowing the Congolese to be able to improve the quality of life of thousands of people .

 I.D. Roberto Fresia

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